Thursday, February 11, 2016

20 Seconds

I wish I could talk too all face to face. I don't like not seeing your eyes your faces because those can show much more.

I am scared. I am excited.I am nervous. I am gittey. This is normal I am told. Going up and then down.

I don't want to make a mistake. But I am told that it ok to make mistakes right now. 

I have played rubgy for two years now and it has taught me one thing is you have to take risks be confident and know you can do hard things.

In rugby when you go to tackle someone most people know that all you have for protection is yourself and a mouth guard. So when you tackle them you have to go 100%. If you back down you get hurt even more.

You have to be fully commited in what you are going to do. Other wise you can get hurt.

Rugby is like life.

Go 100% till you have nothing left alot can change in 20 secs.

20 secs of insane courage is all it takes.

We got this let go.

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