Thursday, February 11, 2016

20 Seconds

I wish I could talk too all face to face. I don't like not seeing your eyes your faces because those can show much more.

I am scared. I am excited.I am nervous. I am gittey. This is normal I am told. Going up and then down.

I don't want to make a mistake. But I am told that it ok to make mistakes right now. 

I have played rubgy for two years now and it has taught me one thing is you have to take risks be confident and know you can do hard things.

In rugby when you go to tackle someone most people know that all you have for protection is yourself and a mouth guard. So when you tackle them you have to go 100%. If you back down you get hurt even more.

You have to be fully commited in what you are going to do. Other wise you can get hurt.

Rugby is like life.

Go 100% till you have nothing left alot can change in 20 secs.

20 secs of insane courage is all it takes.

We got this let go.

Hi to whom this may concern

Hi there,
I was told by a friend of mine that I quote: "You write good. You write like like yourself. Have you thought of journalism?"
Have I thought of journalism???
When I was in first grade I did not pick up the whole reading thing. I missed few keys about reading. It caused me too really struggle all throughout school. In 6th grade I had an opportunity to go to a school called Mountainville Academy. That school showed me the problems that were effected because of my lack of reading. That year I did not really know how to fix them. At the very end of the year I heard of Reading 180 for the middle school I would be attending. In 6th grade I had made promised too myself that I would no longer be the victim. I wanted to get better. I worked my guts out in this class all through 7th and half of 8th grade. In that year and a half I went from a first grade reading level to a average 8th grader. Comprehension was still hard.  I did it though.

I promise that story matters: I am getting to a point.

Reading never came easy; I work on it, I get better everyday. People in this world are either helping you or destroying you. All along the way through your journey there are both.

If I would have listened to those that said I could never read or I would behind all my life. Things like your not smart enough for college. People like that you have to ignore. They don't see what are Heavenly Father sees.  If you could see what he see's I don't think we would listen to those people.

So now today I was told that my writing was good. It made me think of how far I have come. I can't believe that I was able to learn from this experience. I am thankful for this trail. Sometimes he puts trails in are life that will be hard. He knows we can overcome them and become a better human. He wants us to be are best.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I have moved away from my home in Alpine. I live in what is called Rexburg Idaho. It is 4 hours and (miles) away. I love Alpine. I love the mountains and the air. I love the water, there is nothing like Alpine water. I am in my bed at Alpine home with the mountains in view. With the smell of pines. I miss my home though in good old Rexburg. I miss my bed. I miss the desk that I walk by. I miss the shower head in my bathroom.
What is home; is home where your family is or home where you are.
I think home is where the story begins. Home could be anywhere.
I call Rexburg home and I call Alpine home. Home is where my family is. Home will always be Alpine. It is where I started, It is where my Mom and Dad taught me everything I need to know to survive on my own. So what is home? I think home is where your heart lies. So can you have multiple homes? I think you can. I think it is ok for me to miss my good little place in Rexburg. I also, think it is ok too miss my home in Alpine and love that I am back here. I think it is ok to miss my Mom and Dad.
It is ok to call them Mommy and Daddy.
I don’t have to change everything about myself.
When I arrived at home my Mom said “I was just different; I was a college girl.”
What does that mean? My older brother Brady said “You are like older, you're not a little kid.”
I don’t feel like a kid. I do feel different I have experience on my back. I know stuff. I love this.
I love Rexburg for the amazing experience it is giving me. I love Alpine a little more.
It is ok though I am ready for a new “NORM”. I just have not found it yet.
I might not get it in a while and you know what I am more than ok with that.
Bring it on world!!! Throw at me what you can give. I am ready for it.
Are you!?!?!?!

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Ok can I go off topic for just a sec. At the beginning of the year I was tired of not being in shape and not being able to play rugby like I wanted to. So I did a few things to change it. First I signed up for cross fit. I went every tuesday and thursday. I went to coaches house and did the things he asked me too. I ate healthier. It was not an easy thing. I actually at times wanted to give up and say "It is doing nothing." But now that rugby season is over All star starts. At the beginning of last year I would have never even imaged that I could even make it through try-outs let alone make the team. I told my mom I just wanted to try-out because you know what it was an option that  I could make it through try-out day. Today I found out that it worked. I made the ALL STAR TEAM. I know that if you put your heart in it you can do hard things. I can't believe it! I am in shock. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR HEART TOO. Don't let your mind take you over. Listen to your heart. It will lead you in the right direction. I promise.
Ok.. It is time for some:
I have told you a lot already.
I have not told you that…
I have never been outside of the United States.
I have a fake cat named chastity.
I don't like too fall asleep with out my mom tucking me in every night.
I am very sassy. My brother has to put up with me, I am sorry Andrew.
I have a brother at school that I stock at lunch.
I really am going to miss high school.

That is me!!
I am not a poet. I am not a very good at writing.
But I hope to be; one day.

Writing has never come easy to me.
Math has never come easy to me.
School has never come easy to me.

If I told you all about me you would be shocked that I really do love life. That I am not making up.
That I am not fake.

That the worst insult I ever got was that someone told me I was fake, I try not to be.

I am not fake!!!

THis is me and this is #Realtalk.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

From your heart....

Dear Abrianna,
Or should I say Abi what do you really go bye????
Your mom and Dad named you Abrianna???
Why are you not taking risks?
You are living so carefully.
It is ok not to love. You will have time for all that.
Right now be ok with yourself and being a lone wolf.
Go to a movie alone.
You won't be able to for very long.
Your heart

Dear Heart,
 I want to go by Abrianna trust me I do. It just hard to switch when everyone at the school knows me my Abi.
It will change when I go to college. I promise.
With the other things I am trying.
I am getting closer.

P.S. Can you be a little more softer. It is ok to cry when your hurt.

Dear Abrianna,
 I have to stay hard it keeps you and me both safe.
 From your heart

Here is the thing with doing that you get so hurt. You keep it all inside and then you BLOW UP .
We can't do that .
It is not fair to are family and the people that actually care about you. It is just not fair.
Sincerly out of love Abrianna

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Go Watch General Conference If You Have Not Yet!!

President Monson – I Sustain You.

I like to keep a pen and paper close by when I’m watching General Conference, to jot down notes that come to mind. Sometimes when a message means a lot to me, I draw a smiley face, or heart next to it.
I have never drawn a face with a frown and tears descending….until today when President Uchtdorf stood and invited us to sustain the General Authorities of the Church.
When I heard the dissenting votes being yelled out during General Conference, my heart sank and my eyes began to well up. I had heard that this could happen and was actually expecting it, but I was unprepared for the feelings that arose when it did.
I wanted to raise my hand even higher! I wanted to stand when I raised it! I wanted to shout “YES!” I wanted the world to know I sustained the prophet. And especially, I wanted the prophet to know I sustained the prophet.
Right after the dissent occurred, a friend texted me and asked what, if anything, we could do to rally around our beloved prophet, to “circle the wagons” as she put it, to let the prophet know we love and sustain him. We wondered if we should send him a million paper hands in the mail! We contemplated starting a Facebook event to invite others to join us in a worldwide effort to show our love and support for the prophet of God!
Then, I thought….What would the prophet want?
I think he would not want a million paper hands, or a contest of opinions, as much as he would want a million single, living, breathing, committed hearts to His King and ours – Jesus Christ.
So, to sustain my prophet, whom I love dearly, I will do something to show my support. I will defend him. I will share his words. I will do what I have been counseled to do during this conference and all the others.  Then, slowly, I will begin to become something better. I will not just say I will do something, or intend to be better, or raise my hand without thought. I will commit to KEEP TRYING, until I become more like my Savior. I think that’s what he would want, and what the Lord would want.
I will listen for the music of the Spirit, which will bring more meaning to my daily dance.
I will hush my own fears.
I will fast for the poor.
I will be a better wife and mother by praising, expressing my love, and apologizing more.
I will focus on my Savior during the sacrament and not whisper or allow myself to become distracted.
I will savor, love and focus on the things of God more than the things of man.
I will actively decide to believe Christ, not just wish it to be.
I will focus on things that are essential. My family.
I will not parent by compulsion.
I will be humble, like Shiblon.
I will remember that compared to God, I’m not really that different from whom I’m judging harshly.
I will remember that my husband and I are equal partners.
….And if (when) I fail at any of the above…..
So, President Monson, because I love and sustain you, I will support you by doing. I will sustain you by trying. I will honor you by slowly but steadily becoming.
I love you President Monson.
And to show my love…
I will follow Jesus Christ.
And because I love my Savior, Jesus Christ,
I will follow His prophet.
Look for it here:

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Shinner or Two

I don't really know how to say this.
I wanted to do a video, but I never had time.
Nelson I hope you don't think I am a waste of time.
Or someone that does not care.
See i told this blog things that I don't tell.

I am ready to tell you who I am but you guys don't care.
I write for myself. Because I know I won't get comments from this.

You guys only post on the good ones.
I guess I am not one of the good ones.

But really I am not here to bash on you, if you are reading this.

See if you knew me you would know that I don't care what you all think of me.

I use to care.

Why, would I care if i have a family that loves me so much.
I would do anything for my family.

If you really knew me you would know… 

I love my family.
I am happy more than I am sad.
I am a mormon.
I love everyone.
I don't hate anyone.

You might know me as the girl that tried out for student council for 4 years. 
Or the girl that does not care anymore.
Or the girl that memorized the yearbook to know everyone.
Or the girl that is in love with RUGBY. 
The girl that has had two shiners from rugby and still plays.

Yea it is me ABRIANNA RICE (ABI)!!! 

I am a happy girl. 
I love this blog even though I don't get comments and I can't wait for the future. 
Sorry if i am insensitive sometimes, I don't mean to. 
I love you all. 
If i don't say it enough let me know.
Jennie Duffy(my Amazing wonderful great Aunt)